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Magazine Week

The best part about the end of any month is that the new magazines start appearing in the mailbox. Certainly, Elle Decor rarely disappoints. Another strong publication I subscribe to is Southern Accents.

This magazine does not limit itself to covering a certain age group, so one page might feature a cool 26-year old shop owner while another section focuses on an elegant 60-year old designer. Case in point: the glamorous globe trotting grandmother whose home is on the July cover. She has quite a pastiche of finds from Bali, India, Africa, Morocco and other locals all mingling happily together in her house. Opulent and heavily layered it is, but not at all stale or theatrical. She's made it all work.

Another highlight from this July issue, for me at least, is the table set with Hermes' pattern Balcon du Guadalquivir. I first saw this china in Elle Decor. Although the pattern is rather heavy, Southern Accents has used it in way that feels light enough for the oppressively hot days we experience down here.

Well, I have my magazine fix for now, but the wait for the always late but coveted next issue of Domino begins!

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Sara said...

I just picked up the July ELLE Decor yesterday. It's always one of my favorite magazines. And that red and white china pattern is divine.